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carlton melton

where this leads

agitated records

limited indies only transparent green & marble opaque 2lp (300 only)

Released: 4th Dec 2020

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Released: 20th Nov 2020



Released: 20th Nov 2020


So good and for so many reasons, this album leads us to wondrous terrains populated by mystical ambient drones, psychedelic americana plains and swarms of frenetic, riff-tacular metldowns.

Without forcing a specific dynamic or theme, the band inhabits its womb-like confines to improvise, explore, dream. Their music draws on psychedelia, stoner metal, krautrock, and ambient atmospherics to convey, above all else, a mood. A prickly guitar melody will float lazily, a wall of dissonant feedback will resolve into a hypnotic drone, or a colossal riff will exhume the soul of Jimi Hendrix. One hears Hawkwind or Spacemen 3 jamming with Pink Floyd at Pompeii. Indeed, Carlton Melton have one foot in the ancient world and one tentacle in deep space. “Smoke Drip Revisited” is a ticklish acid flashback, “Porch Dreams” a dabbling in country psych, and “Closer” a driving, freak-out of guitar heroics. One senses that the group is conveying a message that cannot be expressed verbally but only suggested through synth sighs, walloping rhythms, and soaring solos. For fans of kanadodo 3, spacemen 3, hawkwind and follakzoid.


where this leads


  1. The Stars Are Dying
  2. Butchery
  3. Waylay
  4. Dezebelle
  5. Smoke Drip Revisited
  6. Crown Shyness
  7. Three Zero Two
  8. Porch Dreams
  9. Close