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yellow swans

going places (reissue)

yellow swan archive

limited lp (500 only

Released: 4th Sep 2020


he whelming noise swells of Yellow Swans’ final side, or swansong if u allow, resurface on the legendary band’s archive, marking 10 years since the seminal Type release with a timely reminding all of its oceanic might and eternal burn.

As anyone who survived the fecund ‘00s noise scene will attest, Gabriel Saloman and Pete Swanson’s Yellow Swans were among the most vital orchestrators of new horizons for noise. Using obsolete electronics/guitars/FX pedals and playing countless shows, they epitomised DIY organisation and means, adapting timeless communal folk energy to collapse whole worlds of industrial, free improv, dub, psych, US hXc punk and good aul noise proper into a red-lining, Ur- goop of emotional anguish, ecstasy and every feel between during the early to late part of this century’s first decade

going places (reissue)