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Released: 16th Oct 2020


2lp + download

Released: 16th Oct 2020


Sporting a rarely observed emotive layer that courses betwixt their signature glitches and hums, ‘sign’ is an absorbing listen with tremendous depth throughout its 11 tracks.

Effectively they’ve gotten better to grips with their live set-up, and the hyper ideas found in their work-in-progress demonstrations on the five volume ‘Elseq’ and 8hrs of ‘NTS Sessions’ have been refined into moments of crystalline ambient baroque beauty and liquid-limbed swag on ’Sign’” – boomkat.



  1. M4 Lema
  2. F7
  3. si00
  4. esc desc
  5. au14
  6. Metaz form8
  7. sch.mefd 2
  8. gr4
  9. th red a
  10. psin AM
  11. r cazt