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why not remixes


very limited hand-stamped eco-wax 12" (300 only) 1 per person

Released: 11th Sep 2020


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A veritable bumper pack of superb remixes and remixers awaits us today.

Starting off with one of the UK’s most preposterously underrated remixer/DJs, Richard Sen, who delivers a psychedelic delight that would still whip up the most soporific of dancefloors. Belfast boy Phil Kieran, former Shine resident, cranks up the energy with a mix that sounds like 21st spy theme in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Hardway Bros, aka ALFOS’s Sean Johnston and associates, cranks up the Roland-303 to 11 and powers it decisively towards oblivion. The Vendetta Suite is the pseudonym of another N. Ireland resident, Gary Irwin. “I love his music,” says David Holmes. His new album is awesome and he made one of my favourite tunes ever, ‘Just Like Joe’, an amazing joyous record inspired by the great Joe Meek.” It’s utterly dazzling.

why not remixes


  1. Unloved - Why Not (Richard Sen dub)
  2. Unloved - Why Not (Phil Kieran remix)
  3. Unloved - Why Not (Hardway Bros Dubstrumental)
  4. Unloved - Why Not (The Vendetta Suite remix)