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Weird Feelings

magick mountain records

limited purple on red splatter lp (300 only) + download

Released: 23rd Oct 2020



Released: 23rd Oct 2020


Magick Mountain is what happens when the planets align and sees seasoned musician Lins Wilson assume her rightful place; leading this fuzzed out, psychedelic, proto-punk power trio, flame red hair flowing and guitar wailing.

Having written and performed with many legendary Leeds bands (including Grammatics & Mother Vulpine), Lins is now flanked by like-minded northern noiseniks Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Menace Beach). Following the recent track "King Cobra", new single "Infinity X2" showcases Magick Mountain's love of breakneck speed and fuzzed out sound where verses filled with driving mantras melt into a gnarly, psyched up breakdown. Nestor describes the track as "a psychedelic, punk love song; a direct nod to the idea of being so close to someone that worlds, thoughts and imagined futures merge together."

Weird Feelings


  1. Bart Cobain
  2. Zodiac
  3. Cherokee
  4. Brown Bread
  5. Stranger Danger
  6. Colossus
  7. Dream Chaser
  8. Infinity X2
  9. King Cobra
  10. The Shitty Beatles
  11. The Creeper