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Sweet Powder + Wrytree Drift



Released: 25th Sep 2020


these two albums are part of a clutch of albums Michael made when he was between record companies and which he recorded for his own produc- on company Rural Retreat Records.

Rural Retreat West Virginia, on the old Virgin Creeper Line, was the subject of one of O.Winston Link’s famous “train” pics of whom MC is a huge fan. We made the pilgrimage on one of our US road trips hence the name.

Sweet Powder + Wrytree Drift


  1. In The Valley
  2. Hang On To A Dream
  3. I Thought About You
  4. The Latest News
  5. Prospector
  6. Rabbit Hills
  7. A Spanish Incident
  8. Waiting For A Train
  9. Hi Heel Sneakers
  10. How Can A Poor Man
  11. Rockport Sunday
  12. Which Will
  13. Another Story
  14. Requiem
  15. Wish I Was A Twig
  16. Soulful Lady
  17. Two Trains
  18. Parchman Farm
  19. Wrytree Dri
  20. Blue Season
  21. Sunday Morning
  22. So Young
  23. Sensimilia
  24. Dewsbury Road