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OST : Mortal Kombat

Soundtrack by george S Clinton (featuring buckethead) (rsd 20)

Varese Sarabande

record store day 2020 - picture disc lp

Released: 26th Sep 2020


Mark recommends: "A nice vinyl treatment for the soundtrack to one of my favourite films (and I’m not even kidding).

This 90s techno/metal/industrial mashup makes me want to buy a VHS player".

Originally released on CD only in 1995, this score to the first film ever developed for the massive gaming franchise will get the LP treatment in conjunction with the film’s 25th anniversary. Side A features the iconic Mortal Kombat logo, while Side B features Goro, a fan favourite from the game and film who is generally considered by gamers to be one of the most memorable and difficult bosses in gaming culture. In fact, the four-armed fighter did not lose a battle for 500 years before a first ever loss to Mortal Kombat hero, Lui Kang. The music was composed by George S. Clinton with a heavy assist from the guitarist, Buckethead, who appears on 10 of the 26 tracks.

Soundtrack by george S Clinton (featuring buckethead) (rsd 20)