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Children of God


lp + 'feel good now' download

Released: 13th Nov 2020


Originally released in October 1987 on the Mute subsidiary Product Inc and reissued first in 1997, Children of God is a brand new remaster of the album and will be packaged with a bonus live album, Feel Good Now.

Children of God


  1. New Mind
  2. In My Garden
  3. Our Love Lies
  4. Sex, God, Sex
  5. Blood and Honey
  6. Like A Drug (Sha La La La)
  7. You’re Not Real, Girl
  8. Beautiful Child
  9. Blackmail
  10. Trust
  11. Real Love
  12. Blind Love
  13. Children of God

feel good now

  1. Intro
  2. Blind Love
  3. like A Drug (Sha La La La)
  4. Blood and Honey
  5. New Mind
  6. Sex, God, Sex