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Keeley Forsyth


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We were still picking ourselves out of the ‘Debris’ of her 2020 release when this one crept up, catching us unawares.
Keeley Forsyth


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Stark and measured but generous and inviting, this exquisite, disquieting debut consists of glacial minimalism that foregrounds a truly exceptional voice.
  1. Photograph
  2. Unravelling
  3. Glass
  4. Stab

Keeley Forsyth


the leaf label
  • limited edition 12" + download

    Released: 4th Dec 2020

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Drama is the order from Forsyth here – ‘Photograph’ is an exercise in power and restraint with her near operatic vocals perfectly matched by the sparse but profoundly effective clatter and clang behind her.

Fans of latter day scott walker will fall in love instantly here – all of the darkened brilliance of ‘the drift’ is perfectly channelled through her impressive range, that touches on nico, anna calvi and diamanda galas for inspiration. Unbelievably good, no less than you’d expect from the person behind one of 2020’s finest debuts in ‘debris’.