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Chubby and the Gang

Speed Kills



Released: 12th Mar 2021


A riotously good time! These London punks revive the spirit of classic 70s punk and pub rock, but they mix it up stylistically and their songwriting is so strong that it stays fresh and arresting throughout.

the album is the manifestation of a musical mind marinating in hard punk, pub rock, blues, and doo-wop. From the sneering eternity of "All Along the Uxbridge Road," to the Hammond Organ smeared "Bruce Grove Bullies" -- the songs will have you reaching for your London A to Z and trying your hardest not to spill your pint. Finding a new home on Partisan Records, ‘Speed Kills’ has been lovingly remastered and features a previously unreleased track “Union Dues”. “These unruly British punks sound like hardcore kids playing pub rock, and their debut comes alive with liberating energy” 8.0 – pitchfork


Speed Kills


  1. Chubby and the Gang Rule OK?
  2. Pariah Radio
  3. All Along The Uxbridge Road
  4. Speed Kills
  5. Can't Tell Me Nothing
  6. Trouble (You Were Always On My Mind)
  7. The Rise and Fall of the Gang
  8. Hold Your Breath
  9. Moscow
  10. Bruce Grove Bullies
  11. Blue Ain't My Colour
  12. Grenfell Forever
  13. Union Dues