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love record stores 2021 - Gold lp (500 only)

Released: 9th Apr 2021


love record stores 2021

limited indies only golden yellow lp

Released: 26th Feb 2021



Released: 26th Feb 2021



Released: 26th Feb 2021


Soaring, dynamic & surprising.

At times a frail whisp. At others, a boisterous barrage befitting a band boasting a billion Julien Bakers. She regales us via sumptuous orchestration, wielding almost every instrument that graces the record herself – including banjo, drums & mandolin.

On her third album, julien fleshes out her devastating indie folk sound with a fuller instrumental palette, gifting us with a series of sweeping, heart-churning songs. 'Little Oblivions' is the third studio album by Julien Baker. Recorded in Memphis, TN, the record weaves together unflinching autobiography with assimilated experience and hard-won observations from the past few years, taking Baker’s capacity for storytelling to new heights. It also marks a sonic shift, with the songwriter’s intimate piano and guitar arrangements newly enriched by bass, drums, keyboards, banjo, and mandolin with nearly all of the instruments performed by Baker. “she successfully translates her confessional tone and subject matter into melodically and atmospherically engaging songs, resulting in an album that represents a significant step for one of contemporary music’s most eloquent artists” 4/5 - slant








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  1. Hardline
  2. Heatwave
  3. Faith Healer
  4. Relative Fiction
  5. Crying Wolf
  6. Bloodshot
  7. Ringside
  8. Favor
  9. Song in E
  10. Repeat
  11. Highlight Reel
  12. Ziptie