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King Hannah

Tell Me Your Mind and I'll Tell You Mine



Released: 20th Nov 2020


LP + download

Released: 20th Nov 2020



Released: 20th Nov 2020


Astonishing! The Liverpool band’s outrageously strong debut is a cinematic world of smoky croons, hazy americana inflected guitars and a floating, noirish post-rock atmosphere to revel in.

Sometimes a band arrives out of nowhere, with a fully formed sound ready to fill a stadium. King Hannah are one of those bands. this EP is both soothing in its moods and intoxicating in its rushing soundscapes, containing a sound that is both brand new and completely mature. Their neon guitar lines and intimate torchlight vocals put the everyday on a pedestal, lifted by melodic licks that swell into dense and swirling atmospheric textures. ‘Tell Me Your Mind and I'll Tell You Mine’ sounds like late nights and early mornings, from the beauty and closeness of acoustic guitar in opener "And Then Out of Nowhere, It Rained", to the final immersive thicket of distorted guitars in “Reprise (Moving Day).


Tell Me Your Mind and I'll Tell You Mine


  1. And Then Out Of Nowhere, It Rained
  2. Meal Deal
  3. Bill Tench
  4. Crème Brûlée
  5. The Sea Has Stretch Marks
  6. Reprise (Moving Day)