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scarred for life 2

castles in space

limited splatter 2lp

Released: 4th Dec 2020



Released: 11th Dec 2020


If any label does synthy atmospheres better than castles in space we want to hear from them – this 23-track collection of imaginary 20th century analogue synth tv themes sounds like a treasure trove of long lost bbc radiophonic compositions.

This is a compilation that’ll make you nostalgic for kids tv that never existed and make you want to watch documentaries that were never made – if, by the end of this, you’re not yearning to be dragged into this alternate universe where delia Derbyshire, daphne oram and co. are given a modern array of instruments and told to go wild then you need to get your ears checked…


scarred for life 2


  1. Pocket Pavilions – The Halcyon Clock (Opening Titles) (Daniel Högberg)
  2. The Twelve Hour Foundation – The Brain Children (Jez Butler, Polly Hulse)
  3. Correlations – Recall (Neil Hale)
  4. Handspan – What’s In The Box? (Rob Colling)
  5. Cult Of Wedge – The Day Before Doomsday (Pete Hackett)
  6. Oliver Cherer – Tension Piece (Oliver Cherer)
  7. The British Stereo Collective – In The Tall Grass (Phil Heeks)
  8. The Bentley Emerald Learning Resource – The City Of Golden Lead (Benjamin Green)
  9. The Soulless Party – A School At War (Kev Thomas Oyston)
  10. Quimper – Happy Borders ()
  11. Keith Seatman – One Lost Weekend (Keith Seatman)
  12. Listening Center – Intermission (David K. Mason)
  13. Pulselovers – Dobbs and Clogg (Matthew Maxwell Handley)
  14. The Heartwood Institute – You Cannot Win A Nuclear War (Jonathan Sharp)
  15. Oliver Cherer – Down White Corridors (Oliver Cherer)
  16. The Metamorph - Theme From Stardrive (Gavin Brick)
  17. Vic Mars – The Time Menders Return (Matt Davies)
  18. The Home Current – Unknown Sameness (End Titles)(Martin Jensen)
  19. Panamint Manse – Sunstroke Scout (WP Ulmer)
  20. Salvatore Mercatante – The Garden (Salvatore Mercatante)
  21. The Home Current – Theme From Lobster Boy (Martin Jensen)
  22. Apta – Equinox (Barry Smethurst)
  23. The Central Office Of Information – Through The Arched Window (Alex Cargill)