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Four Tet

Sixteen Oceans (lrs albums of the year edition)


love record stores edition - 5 colour splatter with clear base 2lp

Released: 22nd Jan 2021


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bright, bubbly, and superlative synth work from the king of effervescent electronica.

coming in hot off the back of a slew of eps and reissues, mr. tet has worked his musical wizardry once again to create something elative, glistening, and with more than a dribble of chest-thumping oomph. ‘sixteen oceans’ switches from floor-kickers to chill-out-room-recliners in the tick of a high-hat, proving that, once again, four tet’s versatility & production nous is second to none.

Sixteen Oceans (lrs albums of the year edition)


  1. School,
  2. Baby,
  3. Harpsichord,
  4. Teenage Birdsong,
  5. Romantics
  6. Love Salad,
  7. Insect Near Piha Beach,
  8. Hi Hello,
  9. ISTM,
  10. Something In The Sadness
  11. 1993 Band Practice,
  12. Green,
  13. Bubbles At Overlook 25th March 2019,
  14. 4T Recordings,
  15. This Is For You,
  16. Mama Teaches Sanskrit