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His Name Is Alive



limited (1000 only) one off pressing 4cd boxset + 36 page book

Released: 12th Feb 2021


4 disc, 60 track anthology compiling early work by Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive, prior to signing to 4AD.

This set compiles 3 volumes previously released on vinyl, alongside a bonus disc and 36 page booklet. For the past couple of years the Disciples label has been exploring the His Name Is Alive tape archives, charting the development of their sound over 3 roughly chronological volumes - All The Mirrors In The House, Return To Never and Hope Is A Candle (the latter LP being released alongside this boxset). The full vinyl trilogy is anthologised here, alongside a bonus disc which collects together the best tracks from a series of cassette companion volumes that Defever compiled to go alongside each LP - 6Teen OK, Return Versions and Ghost Tape EXP. Whilst ‘official’ His Name Is Alive albums are much-loved by fans of the 4AD label in it’s crepuscular Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil period, these tentative tracks reveal a different kind of sound, notably losing the layer of prominent female lead vocals to reveal the shadowy instrumental moves going on underneath, with some tracks recorded when Defever was as young as 10. With help transferring ageing cassettes and annotating the results from Shelley Salant of Tyvek, the unearthed results are revelatory - a gorgeous sequence of gently decaying tone float made with an incredibly primitive DIY set-up. Comes with a 36 page booklet containing essays on each of the vinyl LPs by Mike McGonigal (author of books on My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500 and noted for his publications Chemical Imbalance, Yeti and Maggot Brain), alongside beautiful photos from the Defever family album.



  1. Piano Rev
  2. Lliadin
  3. Something About Hope
  4. All The Mirrors In The House Because Piano
  5. Rememory
  6. Tape Sound
  7. Guitar Rev
  8. Fine As Feathers
  9. Reflection Pool
  10. Equally Divided
  11. Tape Slow
  12. Outside The Window
  13. Echo Lake
  14. F Choir
  15. Return To Never
  16. Lake Night
  17. Morning Machine
  18. Early Version
  19. Piano V
  20. To Remember
  21. My Thoughts Are To Thee Drawn
  22. Guitar Echo
  23. Forever Getting Lost
  24. Chords
  25. From The Night Tape
  26. Descending
  27. Last Thing Thought Of
  28. Whitesnake
  29. Gone
  30. Princess
  31. Either
  32. Coldless
  33. Liadin
  34. Disappear
  35. Never
  36. Pass
  37. Nearby
  38. Salendro
  39. Porter
  40. Still
  41. Halo
  42. Insiders
  43. Sun Reflection
  44. Dream Piano
  45. Sleep 6teen
  46. Something Blood
  47. 6teen Secrets
  48. Entrance Protection
  49. 6teen Cheers
  50. Heaven In The Sun
  51. Return To Never Version
  52. Vision Return
  53. To Remember Version
  54. Early 2 Version
  55. Angel Waves
  56. Piano V Version
  57. Slept Thru
  58. In The Great Night
  59. My Heart Goes Out