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Gruff Rhys

Seeking New Gods

Rough Trade Records

dinked 106 - (Limited pressing of 1200 only)* exclusive Numbered* Light Green / Dark Green Splatter lp* + Bonus Track Flexi Disc* +10” Signed Print* housed in Mountain Die-Cut Envelope Style Sleeve w/ Belly Band (* Exclusive to Dinked Edition)

Released: 21st May 2021


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limited dark green lp housed in Mountain Die-Cut Envelope Style Sleeve w/ Belly Band

Released: 21st May 2021



Released: 21st May 2021


littered with timeless colourful melodies, warm wonkiness & subtle psych vibes, ‘seeking new gods’ is a religious experience in & of itself.

The album concept was originally driven to be the biography of a mountain, Mount Paektu (an East Asian active volcano). However, as Gruff’s writing began to reflect on the inhuman timescale of a peak’s existence and the intimate features that bring it to mythological life, both the songs and the mountain became more and more personal. “The album is about people and the civilisations, and the spaces people inhabit over periods of time. How people come and go but the geology sticks around and changes more slowly. I think it’s about memory and time,” he suggests of Seeking New Gods’ meaning. “It’s still a biography of a mountain, but now it’s a Mount Paektu of the mind. You won’t learn much about the real mountain from listening to this record but you will feel something, hopefully.”- Gruff Rhys

Seeking New Gods





  1. Mausoleum Of My Former Self
  2. Can’t Carry On
  3. Loan Your Loneliness
  4. Seeking New Gods
  5. Hiking In Lightning
  6. Holiest Of The Holy Of The Holy Men
  7. The Keep
  8. Everlasting Joy
  9. Distant Snowy Peaks


Flexi Disc

  1. Tropical Messiah

dinked edition 106

- Light Green / Dark Green Splatter Vinyl *

- Bonus Track Flexi Disc *

- 10” Signed Print *

- Mountain Die Cut Envelope
  Style Sleeve Belly Band

- Machine Foil Numbered *

- Limited pressing of 1200 *


* Exclusive to Dinked Edition