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180g purple lp

Released: 9th Apr 2021


We can tell you first-hand (having been lucky enough to have them noisily close out our rsd18) that a phb live show is an exhilarating experience in which cosmic, math-rocky jazz-prog propels you into a state of blissful hyperconsciousness.

The Physics House Band present METROPOLIS. A 50-minute mind warping performance recorded live at Metropolis Studios, to a small, invited audience. The set brings together pieces from across our diverse back catalogue, weaved together with furious energy. On this record, we explore light and dark themes in jazz fusion, prog, noise and electronic music. The Physics House Band is an experimental project made up of guitarist Samuel Organ (Slugabed [live] / Kai Whiston [live]), bassist Adam Hutchison (The Go! Team), drummer Dave Morgan and saxophone/pianist Miles Spilsbury. The four create avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz fusion to prog to psych to doom-metal, all combined together with a furious energy transcending to their mind-bending live shows.




  1. Death Sequence i (live) 05:27
  2. Calypso (live) 03:38
  3. Death Sequence ii (live) 03:48
  4. Death Sequence iii (live) 06:05
  5. Holy Caves / Surrogate Head (live) 12:20
  6. ObeliskMonolith (live) 03:52
  7. Obidant (live) 03:56
  8. Impolex (live) 04:34
  9. The Astral Wave (live) 03:43
  10. Mobius Strip II (live) 01:30