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Polly Scattergood

In This Moment – The Remixes

Future Paradise

very limited signed cd in handmade sleeve with poem & photo

Released: 16th Apr 2021


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This is a brand new remix album, taking tracks from "In This Moment" and creating a completely new experience, remixed and re-worked turned inside out until the tracks are reborn, taking on the spirit of their producers some have become textural soundscapes such as "Simon Fisher Turners 2 o'clock remix" others take on more of a dark electronic feel such as Chris Liebing's remix of "In this moment" or the uplifting sonic warmth created by MAPs.

"The thing I love about remixes, is its such an exciting process, each one is so different and so reflective of the individual producers artistic often the remixer has picked out the obscured details of your mix something that you had never heard before fully in your own mix.and suddenly that becomes the thing that drives the track, its like being able to listen to your work again but with completely fresh ears. This remix album is super special as it has some incredible remixes on it, by musicians that I really admire, I just find peoples processes and the different ways they take the same song so fascinating- it was a Joy to collate this album.

In This Moment – The Remixes


  1. In This Moment (Chris Liebing Remix)
  2. In This Moment (Can Love Be Synth? Remix)
  3. In This Moment (2 O'Clock Remix By Simon Fisher Turner)
  4. In This Moment (Broken Machine Remix by Josh M Slifkin)
  5. In This Moment (SONAS Remix)
  6. In This Moment (Fabjani Remix)
  7. In This Moment (“Somewhat Out Of Step” MA74 Remix)
  8. Red (MAPS Remix)
  9. Red (Glowlines Remix)
  10. Red (Bienna Corp. Remix)
  11. After You (Polly-phonic Remix by Andy McDonnell)
  12. Clouds (Tiiva Remix)