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The Waterboys

Fisherman's Blues

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Released: 1st Jul 1990



Released: 8th May 2006


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david recommends : i came late to the waterboys, only hearing them last autumn, & in the months since discovering this seminal record you’d think i would have rambled far & wide through their discography – i work in a record shop after all! but i haven’t tired of this record & come back to it every few days.

mike scott upped sticks from london, landed in dublin via celtic journeys & proceeded to gather fiddlers, bouzouki players, mandolins & some unashamed accent augmentation to re-invent the “big sound” he sought with the earlier ‘you saw the whole of the moon’ adventures. there’s something about the brazen naivety of the opener, with mike scott wishing he was a fisherman, that is so unashamedly romantic, a million miles away from the guises of irony & calculated personas of so many songwriters.  the mandolins & fiddles recall bob dylan circa ‘desire’ but there is an indefatigable openness & optimism in his lyrics & delivery, ‘when ye go away’ is the tender evocation of late night quandry’s & knowing you’ve made up your mind & their cover of van morrison’s ‘sweet thing’ is just like it says, with yelps, stomping feet & yearning.

Fisherman's Blues


  1. Fisherman's Blues
  2. We Will Not Be Lovers
  3. Strange Boat
  4. World Party
  5. Sweet Thing
  6. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
  7. And A Bang On The Ear
  8. Has Anybody Seen Hank
  9. When Will We Be Married
  10. When Ye Go Away
  11. Dunfords Fancy
  12. The Stolen Child
  13. This Land Is Your Land