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nils frahm



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Released: 30th Jul 2021



Released: 30th Jul 2021


Nils, what are you doing to us?! These haunting solo piano pieces transport us out of time and place and into an exquisite state of contemplation.

Graz was recorded way back in 2009 and has somehow remained a secret - until now. Nils Frahm has quietly changed the musical landscape, reincarnating the centuries old figure of a pianist-composer for a new generation of music fans. As Nils’ word-of-mouth popularity grew and grew, so did the pop-culture profile of his instrument. The essential genius is already evident; the harmonic language of classical, and the immediacy of jazz. Nils seems to pull down each idea moment by moment, gently, to not scare away the muse. He describes: “sometimes when you hear a piano, you might think it’s a conversation between a woman and a man. At the same time, it can hint at shapes of the universe and describe how a black hole looks. You can make sounds that have no relation to anything we can measure.”




  1. Lighter
  2. O I End
  3. Because This Must Be
  4. Kurzum
  5. And Om
  6. Hammers
  7. Crossings
  8. About Coming and Leaving
  9. Went Missing