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very limited (500 only) gatefold digi-sleeve cd + download

Released: 7th May 2021


CV Sessions are a combination of the time of the Corona Virus and the equipment Sula used in these times, which is analog gear connected and modulated with CV cables (control voltage).

Double meaning. Sula used a bunch of small analog synthesizers, 2 drummachines, a sequencer, a polyphonic synth, a string ensemble, a casio SK 1, Stylophone x1, guitars, a bass and whatever. recorded simply and never spending much time on it. First track recorded late March, others followed until December. All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt). Mastered by Eroc. Coverdesign by Sula.



  1. A Nice Constellation of the Planets 09:15
  2. wtf? 04:53
  3. Wollschweber 04:51
  4. Ruins of Civilisation 20:28
  5. Foggy Forest 06:27
  6. Tick Attacks 04:38
  7. Littly Birdy 05:23
  8. They Have Landed and They Come in Colours 11:02
  9. Der Traurige Essigfisch 11:09