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solo project

thirty days 3

self released

super limited 2cd + exclusive hand drawn mini zine - 1 per customer

Released: 23rd Apr 2021


the final part of the lockdown trilogy, resulting in over 90 songs in under a year.

a song a day for thirty days, for the third (and maybe final) time. ‘thirty days 1’ was a diary through lockdown, full of mundane sights, introspective thoughts and gentle moments. ‘thirty days 2’ tried to dig deeper, removing myself from the story and becoming hazier and heavier in the process whilst never using the word, “i”. ‘thirty days 3’ removes myself entirely. instead we follow a fictional family from a Cyprus village in 1910 as they move to England. the story that takes place spreads across 100 years as we meet the generations that follow the first couple. however, even whilst dealing in this fictional narrative, similar ‘solo project’ themes arise. Cyprus, identity, isolation, connection & community. through these characters, we deal with grief, first loves, birth, trauma & more as musically, we deal with Springsteen Nebraska-esque epics, ambience, jazz, Ben Howard haze, bedroom pop, shoegaze & more. 

thirty days 3