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Horace Andy

The King Tubby Tapes (2022 reissue)



Released: 14th Jan 2022


Horace Andy is a legendary Jamaican roots reggae singer songwriter, known for his distinctive vocal style, hit songs such as ‘Skylarking’, and his acclaimed collaborations with Massive Attack.

‘The King Tubby Tapes’ was first issued on Jet Star Records’ ‘Charm’ imprint. The album contains selections from Horace Andy’s 1979 album ‘Pure Ranking’ and a second LP of dub remixes. Includes performances by legendary reggae session musicians such as Robbie Shakespeare, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Tony Chin and Bernard “

The King Tubby Tapes (2022 reissue)


  1. Set Me Free
  2. It Grieve My Heart
  3. Jah Is The One
  4. Leaders Of Babylon
  5. Do Right
  6. Liberation
  7. I Love My Life
  8. Soddom & Gomorrah
  9. I've Been Around
  10. Pure Rankin
  11. Natural Mystic
  12. Totally Free
  13. Set Me Dub It Grieve My Dub
  14. Dub Is The One
  15. Leader Of Dub
  16. Dub Right
  17. Liberation Dub
  18. I Love My Dub
  19. Dub Gomorrah
  20. Dubbing Around
  21. Pure Dubbing
  22. Natural Mystic Dub
  23. Totally Dub