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Live at Kilmainham Gaol (rsd 21)

Partisan Records

Record Store Day 2021 - 180g lp

Released: 12th Jun 2021


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On 14th July 2020, Fontaines D.

C. played a selection of songs from their 'Dogrel' and ‘A Hero's Death' albums live at Kilmainham Jail as part of the Other Voices Courage Series. This performance is now being released on vinyl via Partisan Records (IDLES, Laura Marling, Fela Kuti) for Record Store Day 2021. It is an old cliche for historians to ask ‘if these walls could speak, what would they tell us?’ Fortunately, the walls of Kilmainham Gaol tell us exactly how they feel. Faded with time, but still stubbornly there, are the messages of Ireland’s revolutionary generations. Over one door are the quoted words of Patrick H. Pearse, poet and leader of the Easter Rising, thundering ‘Beware of the Risen People.’ Perhaps the most evocative piece of graffiti in the prison reads simply ‘A Few Men Faithful and a Deathless Dream.’

Live at Kilmainham Gaol (rsd 21)


  1. A Hero’s Death
  2. Sha Dorel Sha
  3. Chequeless Reckless
  4. Televised Mind
  5. Too Real
  6. I Don’t Belong
  7. Liberty Belle
  8. Big
  9. Dublin City Sky
  10. Boys in the Better Land