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The Aliens

Doorway Amnesia (rsd 21)

ACIO Rekkudz

Record Store Day 2021 - "violet sparkle" 44 minute 12" ep (750 only)

Released: 17th Jul 2021


Formed from the ashes of The Beta Band, The Aliens blazed a trail with two critically acclaimed LP's in the mid to late Noughties - hitting the UK official charts as well as Hollywood film & TV - before mysteriously vanishing from the Humanoid star system.

Their recent unexpected return continues apace with RSD 2021 exclusive Doorway Amnesia released on limited edition violet sparkle coloured 12” vinyl. During the fall of the former Soviet Union, KGB officers hurriedly extracted themselves from Georgia leav-ing behind highly sensitive classified material. Amongst this material was a tape of Vladimir Lukhov motion picture Doorway Amnesia. Although billed as fiction the film was too close to the bone in its coverage of the alien phenomenon and was seized by the KGB prior to public release. Fast forward 20 years and while on sabbatical from the music industry The Aliens leader Lone Pigeon happened upon this very tape in Tkibuli market. Smuggling the tape back to the Kingdom of Fife he called round the rest of The Aliens to watch the tape. They met with disappointment when they discovered the audio had been erased but felt it part of their mis-sion to recreate the soundtrack. And so Doorway Amnesia by The Aliens was born and now beautifully pre-sented as an RSD exclusive. The band had planned to also release the film but unfortunately it was seized by the British secret service when Boris Johnson promised to exchange the tape with the Russians in re-turn for a rigged election victory. Doorway Amnesia is an exploration of extraterrestrials on Earth so fans can expect psychedelic electroni-ca, widescreen string sections, trippy ambient sonics, birdsong and the horrific sound of cattle mutilation. Those poor, poor cows.

Doorway Amnesia (rsd 21)


  1. I’m Leaving The Future
  2. Doorway Amnesia