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The Way I Feel Today (rsd 21)


Record Store Day 2021 - heavyweight blue & "pinky red" 2lp + download (500 only)

Released: 17th Jul 2021


Beloved by all fortunate enough to have had this grace their ears, the criminally underrated Nottingham band’s 2002 bestseller is a monolithic slab of age- defying guitar rock.

We all owe ourselves a bit of their love.


Released in 2002 on Beggars Banquet, this was by far the best selling six by seven album largely due to the success of the single IOU Love, which reached number 42 in the UK charts. The album was recorded live at Rockfield Studios and mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie at Q-Division in Boston. The album is a monolithic slab of guitar rock, the type of which only six by seven could create at this time.

The Way I Feel Today (rsd 21)


  1. So Close
  2. I.O.U. Love
  3. All My New Best Friends
  4. Flypaper For Freaks
  5. Speed Is In, Speed Is Out
  6. Karen O.
  7. American Beer
  8. Anyway
  9. The Way I Feel Today
  10. Cafeteria Rats
  11. Bad Man
  12. Fraggle Rock.
  13. Requiem For An Oil-Spill Seagull (B-Side)
  14. All My New Best Friends (Demo) (B-Side)
  15. So Close (Alternative Version) (B-Side)
  16. Spiegel Ei Und Brot (B-Side)
  17. Stop The World (B-Side).
  18. Flypaper For Freaks (Live Nottingham Boatclub)
  19. Speed Is In, Speed Is Out (Live Nottingham Boatclub)
  20. Cafeteria Rats (Live Nottingham Boatclub)
  21. IOU Love (Live Nottingham Boatclub)
  22. So Close (Live Nottingham Boatclub).