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The Durutti Column

Vini Reilly (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - Numbered LP - £31.99 | Buy
35th anniversary edition of The Durutti Column’s 1989 album ‘Vini Reilly’ on limited black vinyl.
The Durutti Column

Sex and Death (2021 reissue)

limited (1500 only) blue / silver 2lp + download - first ever vinyl pressing! - £23.99 | Buy
The writing and recording of Sex and Death closed an uncertain period for Vini Reilly and the group following the collapse of Factory Records in 1992.
The Durutti Column

Another Setting (2021 reissue)

limited blue / green 2lp - £24.99 | Buy
Factory Benelux presents an expanded vinyl edition of Another Setting, the third studio album by cult Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column.
Deux Triangles Deluxe (rsd 21)
  1. Homage to Martinu
  2. Zinnia
  3. Weakness and Fever
  4. For Patti
  5. Piece of Out of Tune Grand Piano
  6. One Christmas For Your Thoughts
  7. Party
  8. Mavucha
  9. Favourite Painting
  10. The Eye and the Hand
  11. Sketch for Dawn (live 13/08/1981)
  12. Messidor (live 13/08/1981)
  13. Jacqueline (live 13/08/1981)
  14. Conduct (live 13/08/1981)
  15. Sketch for Summer (live 13/08/1981)
  16. Danny (live 13/08/1981)
  17. Stains (Useless Body) (live 13/08/1981)
  18. The Missing Boy (live 13/08/1981)
  19. Self-Portrait (live 13/08/1981)
  20. For Belgian Friends (live 13/08/1981)

The Durutti Column

Deux Triangles Deluxe (rsd 21)

factory benelux
  • Record Store Day 2021 - deluxe blue & clear 2LP in gatefold sleeve

    Released: 17th Jul 2021

    out of stock

Factory Benelux presents a deluxe double vinyl gatefold edition of Deux Triangles, originally a 1981 EP by acclaimed Factory Records group The Durutti Column, which can be considered a companion set to their signature second album L.

C. Just 1000 copies have been pressed on blue and clear coloured vinyl for Record Store Day 2021. (Non-Returnable) Recorded in Brussels and Manchester in 1981, Deux Triangles began life as single on which Vini Reilly intended to showcase his piano playing as well as his trademark shimmering, filigree guitar. Bruce Mitchell played drums, with his artist wife Jacqueline also contributing tentative bass guitar as well as the record’s beautiful watercolour cover art. Delayed by the release of the sublime L.C. album in November 1981, Deux Triangles eventually appeared on Factory Benelux the following year and featured 5 tracks: Zinnia, Favourite Painting, For Patti, Weakness and Fever and Piece for Out of Tune Grande Piano, the latter a solo piano improvisation lasting fully 12 minutes. Long deleted, the original 5 tracks are now expanded to 10 with the inclusion of several other pieces recorded for Benelux and sister label Crepuscule during the same period, including compilation tracks (One Christmas For Your Thoughts, Party, The Eye and the Hand) and album outtakes (Mavucha, Homage to Martinu). Vini’s extended solo piano piece appears in the shortened form (Piece of Out of Tune Grand Piano) issued by Factory in 1986, the full length version being included on the digital version of Deux Triangles Deluxe. Disc 2 is the complete 10 song live set performed by the group in Brussels on 13 August 1981, never before released on vinyl. Professionally recorded for Belgian radio, the festival gig coincided with the first studio session for Deux Triangles. The newly remastered double disc set is housed in a gatefold sleeve printed on matt reverse board, with liner notes including a contemporary interview with Vini Reilly. Just 1000 copies have been manufactured for Record Store Day 2021, pressed on clear and blue coloured vinyl.