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forever living originals


Released: 1st Oct 2021


limited lp - 1 per customer

Released: 15th Oct 2021


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due to be stripped from all digital platforms on saturday 2nd october, sault's staggeringly powerful hybrid of neo-soul & post-punk must not be missed.

forever living originals are proud to announce the release of SAULT's new release, titled 'NINE', which will be limited to a short press, never to be re-issued again.



  1. Haha
  2. London Gangs
  3. Trap Life
  4. Fear
  5. Mike’s Story (feat. Michael Ofo)
  6. Bitter Streets
  7. Alcohol
  8. You from London (feat. Little Simz)
  9. 9
  10. Light’s In Your Hands