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Self Esteem

Prioritise Pleasure



Released: 25th Mar 2022



Released: 22nd Oct 2021


Limited Edition Gold LP + Sleeve w/ Gold Foil Lettering - 1 per customer

Released: 25th Mar 2022


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Her ascent has been relatively slow (club) & steady but Rebecca Lucy Taylor is winning all the hearts, minds & accolades she so deserves.

The pop husk makes her work instantly accessible, but it’s the gutsy unconventional musical twists that keep you hooked – the left turns of stabbing synths, gospel-esque backing vocals & spoken word sections. Oh, & the disarming honesty of her lyrical pluckiness which will cause you to exclaim “YES!! Why can’t I say that out loud?!” And, production-wise, it’s off the damn chart! From the war-like drums on ‘How Can I Help You?’ to noise-gate shrieks (yes, really) on the title track, we veer all over the sonic map. Rhythmically taut, cranked & chock-full of surprises, her empowering pop is a shot in the arm for her Self Esteem

Rebecca lucy taylor has got us firing esteem in all directions with her empowering sophomore of bold pop bangers, which have all the life-affirming poignancy of a religious experience. the follow up to self esteem’s acclaimed 2019 debut album compliments please, prioritise pleasure is a record that reminds us all of the importance of being our unapologetic selves, putting your insecurities out there in the hope that it can be the first step towards healing them. honest disclosure has always been self esteem’s forte, and so each track on prioritise pleasure handles difficult themes with nuanced perspective, comforted and counter-balanced with an array of rhythmic flourishes that speak to the eclecticism of her experience and influence. having allowed itself grace, prioritise pleasure is also a record of great joy. working again with trusted producer johan karlberg [of afro-fusion trio the very best], it was stitched together throughout the pandemic in chunked sessions, the time between each batch encouraging taylor to fully flesh out her ideas. with prioritise pleasure, self esteem comes one step closer to reminding listeners – and herself – that true success begins and ends with self-acceptance, telling your story in the way that only you can.



Prioritise Pleasure

  1. I’m Fine
  2. Fucking Wizardry
  3. Hobbies 2
  4. Prioritise Pleasure
  5. I Do This All The Time
  6. Moody
  7. Still Reigning
  8. How Can I Help You
  9. It’s Been A While
  10. The 345
  11. John Elton
  12. You Forever
  13. Just Kids