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Paul Morley

From Manchester with Love The Life and Opinions of Tony Wilson* (*aka Anthony H. Wilson)


limited signed book + signed "collectus" booklet (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2021


book (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2021


Critically-acclaimed and bestselling author Paul Morley's
long-awaited biography of Factory Records cofounder
and Manchester icon Tony Wilson.

'When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend.' Tony
To write about Tony Wilson, AKA Anthony H. Wilson, is to write about a
number of public and private characters and personalities, a clique of unreliable
narrators, constantly changing shape and form. At the helm of Factory
Records and the Hacienda, Wilson unleashed landmark acts such as Joy Division
and New Order into the world as he pursued myriad other creative
endeavours, appointing himself a custodian of Manchester's legacy of innovation
and change.
To Paul Morley he was this and much more: bullshitting hustler, flashy showman,
aesthetic adventurer, mean factory boss, self-deprecating chancer,
intellectual celebrity, loyal friend, shrewd mentor, insatiable publicity seeker.
It was Morley to whom Wilson left a daunting final request: to write this book.
From Manchester With Love, then, is the biography of a man who became
eponymous with his city, of the music he championed and the myths he made,
of love and hate, of life and death. In the cultural theatre of Manchester, Tony
Wilson broke in and took centre-stage.

From Manchester with Love The Life and Opinions  of Tony Wilson* (*aka Anthony H. Wilson)