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Beggars Banquet


Released: 1st Jan 2001


lp + cd

Released: 18th Feb 2013


on 1981's 'mask' bauhaus consciously stretched themselves into newer areas of music & performance, resulting in an album that was arguably even better than the band's debut.

opening number 'hair of the dog' starts with a double-tracked squalling guitar solo before turning into a stomping, surging flow, while murphy details cases of mental addictions in pithy phrases. the energy wasn't all just explosive angst & despair, though; the one-two punches of ‘kick in the eye’ & ‘in fear of fear’ have as much hip-shaking groove & upbeat swing to them as portentous gloom. add to that three of the most dramatic things the band ever recorded -- the charging, keyboard-accompanied ‘the passion of lovers,’ the slow, dark fairy-tale-gone-wrong ‘hollow hills,’ & the wracked, trudging title track & the end result was a perfect trouncing of the sophomore-slump myth.