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Bill Callahan


Drag City


Released: 29th Mar 2011


the man formerly known as "smog" returns with a concept album of sorts & yet again it’s a real belter. the album is bookended with 2 tales of a cattle-driver (‘drover’ & ‘one fine morning’) & his relationship with the american landscape & in true callahan style, it leaves you with a feeling that instead of just hearing someone simply sing, you have just had a conversation full of details. it makes his songwriting stylistically enchanting & captivating. as each track unwinds, you find yourself hankering for more & nuances in the music find clarity on repeat listens. whether it’s in the whip cracking drums of the previously mentioned opener ‘drover’, the building ringing feedback guitar snatches in ‘baby’s breath’ or the distorted pulse of the almost funky ‘america!’ the music supports his baritone delivery excellently at every turn. highly recommended. “a thrilling delivery system for his formidable gifts” 4/5 – mojo.