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deux filles

Shadow Farming

Glass Modern

limited "deep blue" lp

Released: 10th Sep 2021


The music itself is utterly enchanting; a sublimely realised take on Eno-esque ambient, Gallic pop and European style progressive rock.

And now they're back with two beautiful side-long suites ‘Intuition’ & ‘Sweet Animal Suite’ In 1982-83, Deux Filles appeared to be a pair of young French girls Claudine Coule & Gemini Forque, brought together by tragic circumstances to make a heady, pastoral avant-garde post punk woven with sampled dialogue and occasionally their own vocals. In truth it was former child actor, fledgling teenage pop idol and soon to be film soundtrack composer Simon Fisher Turner, and Colin Lloyd Tucker, both members of an early incarnation of The The, who took the concept as far as dressing as girls for the album sleeves and even playing a gig in full disguise.

Shadow Farming


  1. Intuition
  2. Take it Easy
  3. You Must Sleep Now
  4. Just Think About It
  5. Nothing Usual Here
  6. Informal Meeting
  7. The Transparent
  8. Let’s Get Closer
  9. Sweet Animal Suite
  10. Call of the Waders entrée & evolver
  11. Human Baby Boomer
  12. Sidewinder
  13. Sapsucker’s Sarabande
  14. At the Waterhole intermezzi
  15. Shivering Timbers
  16. Monkey Charming for Beginners
  17. Tea in John Clare’s Garden
  18. Harras
  19. The Vultures Gather chaconne
  20. Wading Out