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Do Nothing

Snake Sideways

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Nottingham post-punks Do Nothing blend jerky, spidery rhythms with surreal, half-spoken vocals that recall the Fall 's Mark E Smith.
Do Nothing

Adventures In Success (rsd 21)

Record Store Day 2021 - 12" (500 only) - £17.99
One off pressing of the bands cover of Will Powers "Adventures In Success" Featuring a never before heard remix by Hiro Ama.
Do Nothing

Glueland EP

lp - £15.99
Nottingham’s Do Nothing have today revealed a brand new single ‘Glueland’ on their own label Exact Truth.
the eps
  1. Comedy Gold
  2. New Life
  3. Contraband
  4. Lebron James
  5. Fits
  6. Glueland
  7. Uber Alles
  8. Rolex
  9. Knives
  10. Great White Way

Do Nothing

the eps

Exact Truth
  • super limited lp in gatefold - 1 per customer

    Released: 24th Sep 2021

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Vinyl only compilation of the first two EPs.