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Released: 3rd Sep 2021


"Participation Mystique" is the fourth studio album from Portland, Oregon art rock duo, Lore City.

The band combines elements of psychedelic rock, post-rock, dark wave, and dream pop into a luscious and evocative sound. To these ears, they reside somewhere on an astral level adjacent to what a collaboration between the Sisters of Mercy and Dead Can Dance would sound like. One could easily describe their new single, ‘I Know You Know,’ as a cerebral elegy cascading with surrender… and 'I Know You Know’ as a tribal drumbeat awash in a turbulent sea… a phantom ship crying out across swirling seas.” Or you could join POST-PUNK in commending Lore City for their spiritual exploration of sound — “their own unique dive into the Akashic records of the collective conscious.” Important music. You might well kick yourself a couple of years from now for not paying attention sooner… or could of course save yourself the pain and dive in to Lore City’s music now.



  1. And Tomorrow
  2. Once-returner
  3. I Know You Know
  4. Your Love
  5. I Am the One
  6. Parallel
  7. Buttons
  8. Original Feeling
  9. Elapse