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Mulholland Drive

lex records


Released: 27th Aug 2021


Eyedress’ fourth album ‘Mulholland Drive’ is the latest evolution of the Filipino musician’s unique sound.

Following his 2020 breakthrough ‘Let’s Skip To The Wedding’, which introduced global hits ‘Jealous’ and ‘Romantic Lover’, the new record features collaborations with some of his favourite artists - King Krule, D 257;M-FunK, Triathalon, Vex Ruffin and more, while staying true to his vision. “This album is about loving yourself and your life” Eyedress. Album art by Brain Dead.

Mulholland Drive


  1. mulholland Drive
  2. Midnight On A Sunny Day (feat. Bee Eyes)
  3. Something About You (feat. Dent May)
  4. Long Nights At The 711
  5. Fulfill The Dream (feat. Vex Ruffin)
  6. Spit On Your Grave
  7. Brain Dead
  8. Dancing With My Demons (feat. Paul Cherry)
  9. Body Dysmorphia
  10. Want You There Tomorrow
  11. Chad An Gordy (feat. King Krule)
  12. Ride Or Die (feat. Satchy)
  13. Keep It Real With You (feat. Elvia & DaM-FunK)
  14. You Know Me
  15. Prada (feat. Triathalon)