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Cat Power

Moon Pix


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Released: 2nd Jul 2012



Released: 1st Jan 2001


Chan Marshall's hypnotic & otherworldly masterstroke from 1998, featuring jim white & mick turner of dirty three.

Where her previous works were an urgent, aching mix of punk, folk, and blues, 'moon pix' is truly soulful music: warm, reflective, complex, & cohesive. A brooding, ethereal & highly charged album, with marshall' guitar chiming & strumming up a peculiar melancholic night sky filled with spirits. legend has it that much of the album was written “in one deranged night” following a hallucinatory nightmare Marshall had in 1997 while alone in the South Carolina farmhouse she shared with then boyfriend Bill Callahan.

ami says : “i’ve fallen in love all over again with chan marshall’s intimate songs of anguish, recorded with the bare bones of accompaniment each song sounds like she is giving a piece of herself away – fiercely beautiful.”

Moon Pix


  1. American Flag
  2. He Turns Down
  3. No Sense
  4. Say
  5. Metal Heart
  6. Back Of Your Head
  7. Moonshiner (Traditional)
  8. You May Know Him
  9. Colors And The Kids
  10. Cross Bones Style
  11. Peking Saint