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Daniel Romano's Outfit

Cobra Poems


Black LP

Released: 10th Sep 2021



Released: 10th Sep 2021


Here, they display an ever-increasing swagger and a rare ability to synthesize a shocking amount of rock history into something new, relevant, immediate, and yes, poetic.

“If all the words of joy should shed their syllabic countenance, would they not still resonate at this same frequency? If distillate love made aural and amplified struck every unbidden ear, would it not blossom with this same audible bouquet? Here then is the document ‘ the evidence, the proof, the truth, the real thing, the one thing, the only thing. Daniel Romano’s Outfit, now and always. Call it communion. Call it a rhapsody. Call it Cobra Poems. Go on. Dig it.”

Cobra Poems


  1. Tragic Head
  2. Even In The Loom Of A Caress
  3. Nocturne Child
  4. The Motions
  5. Holy Trumpeteer
  6. Animals Above Our Town
  7. Tears Through A Sunrise
  8. Baby If We Stick It Out
  9. Still Dreaming
  10. Camera Varda