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Daniel Romano's Outfit

Fully Plugged In


Black LP

Released: 10th Sep 2021


Daniel Romano and The Outfit embody the classic swagger of classic Rolling Stones, the epic, electric, eternal folk of prime Fairport Convention, the primal freedoms released by the original punks, the intimate, personal emotions celebrated by classic country, boldly reinventing Romano’s rich songbook.

Julianna Riolino, who’s voice blends so perfectly with Romano’s own, steps powerfully into the spotlight at key moments, ripping open the song in ‘Rhythmic Blood’ and ripping open your heart in the country weeper ‘The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)’. Hear, here - wild sounds, genius song-writing, ebullient drumming, exuberant musicality, and disparate influences are powerfully, uniquely synthesized. Shockingly united. Fully Plugged In.

Fully Plugged In


  1. Rhythmic Blood
  2. God’s Children
  3. Impossible Green
  4. Anyone’s Arms
  5. First Yoke
  6. All The Reaching Trims
  7. She Was The World To Me
  8. The One That
  9. Got Away
  10. Gone Is (All But A Quarry Of Stone)
  11. A Rat Without A Tale
  12. I’m Alone Now
  13. The Pride Of Queens