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Painting of My Time

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Making the harmonica cool again, Floodlights rip along like their punk is about to miss the last post, sweltering with ideas and an honesty that keeps us coming...
The More I Am / Overflowing


The More I Am / Overflowing

tiny town records
  • super limited uk edition 7" + postcard - 1 per customer

    Released: 17th Sep 2021

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‘The More I Am’ grasps the idea of continually greeting everyday happenings with cynicism and negativity, and how that can lead to a tinted view of life.

It is an energetic beginning to the release, with the addition of baritone saxophone that creates a post-punk energy while still obtaining a warmly familiar Floodlights’ sound. 'Overflowing Cup' is a narrative, exploring the way in which perspectives and opinions developed over a lifetime can impact your ability to see things from another point of view. The 7” follows the band's debut album ‘From a View’, which came out just shy of one year ago on Spunk Records and Woo Me! ‘The More I Am / Overflowing Cup’ was recorded onto a 24 track tape machine at Soundpark and Loveshack Studios in Melbourne, Australia, by Nao Anzai (Cash Savage, Rolling Blackouts C.F) and Archie Shannon. It was mixed by Nao Anzai and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current, Total Control).