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Cabaret Voltaire

Archive #828285 Live (2021 repress)



Released: 15th Oct 2021


Cabaret Voltaire circa 1982 was kind of post Rough Trade, pre-Some Bizarre/Virgin.

Following on from and with the same line up as the successful dates in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), resulting in the live album Hai, the 2 live recordings from 1982 on these CD's come from what was referred to as the '2x45' tour. The performances here are unique in that they show Cabaret Voltaire in a period of transition, following the departure of co-founder Chris Watson, and had more studio recordings been made of this phase (see record 2 of '2x45') it could have well developed into something very different to the subsequent albums made during the Some Bizarre/Virgin period of 1983-1985. The recording from Toronto was the next to last date of a North American tour from April/May 1985. The Cabaret Voltaire live concerts of the 83-85 period were much more anarchic than the studio recordings and arguably just as interesting in their own way, like some kind of soundclash going on in realtime...

Archive #828285 Live (2021 repress)