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A mega 30th anniversary edition of their highly acclaimed, much loved, 90s, genre-hopping masterpiece, ‘Giant Steps‘.


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'Eight' is, according to vocalist and co-songwriter, Sice, formed of songs recorded “purposefully to appear together on an album.

A Full Syringe And Memories Of You (black Friday 2021)

12" - £14.99
Critically-adored sonic explorers, The Boo Radleys will return with their first new music in over two decades, releasing the dark beauty of A Full Syringe And M...
Keep On With Falling


  1. I've Had Enough I'm Out (Album Version)
  2. Keep On With Falling
  3. All Along
  4. I Say A Lot Of Things
  5. Tonight
  6. A Full Syringe And Memories Of You (Album Version)
  7. Call Your Name
  8. Here She Comes Again
  9. You And Me
  10. I Can’t Be What You Want Me To Be
  11. Alone Together
  12. I’ll put the bars around my heart - alternative version (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  13. Thieves like us - New Order cover (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  14. All Along - Alternative version (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  15. Tonight - Alternative version (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  16. I can’t be what you want me to be - Piano version (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  17. Alone Together - Alternative version (previously unreleased) (2cd only)
  18. See It Through (previously released digitally on the “A Full Syringe And Memories Of You” EP) (2cd only)
  19. Life Is Getting Better (previously released digitally on the “A Full Syringe And Memories Of You” EP) (2cd only)
  20. I’ll Put The Bars Around My Heart (previously released digitally on the “A Full Syringe And Memories Of You” EP) (2cd only)


Keep On With Falling

  • lp

    Released: 11th Mar 2022

  • expanded 2cd w/ bonus tracks

    Released: 11th Mar 2022

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  • cd

    Released: 11th Mar 2022


well it’s been a hot minute (24 years of minutes, to be precise) but these titans of 90s brit-pop have been sitting on some absolute gold all this time, mercifully committed to disc on this all-new album.

this is their first album of all-new music in 24 years. Rising from cult-shoegaze band to the very forefront of British guitar pop inside one, eventful decade, The Boo Radleys began their new chapter in July by surprise releasing the single, A Full Syringe And Memories Of You. Followed by a four-track EP of the same name, memories of the band’s glittering, nineties past remained present in bright melodies crashing into effusive choruses, yet new, altogether less sunny lyrical preoccupations were evident. I’ve Had Enough I’m Out is the latest new music to be heard from the band, lifted directly from Keep On With Falling and, where the summer EP’s four songs dealt with euthanasia, alcohol abuse and the spectre of death, The Boo Radleys now turn their attention to religion. Singer and guitarist, Simon ‘Sice’ Rowbottom says of the single: “I’ve Had Enough, I’m Out is a statement on the disavowal of religion, using Catholicism as it’s exemplar. It is harmonious and melodic, as The Boo Radleys always are, and harks back to our deep, alternative 80’s influences." Formed of original members, Sice, Tim Brown and Rob Cieka, the 11-songs on Keep On With Falling are the first to be developed by The Boo Radleys as a three-piece. Having recorded six of their seven, previous albums as a ‘hey day’ Creation Records band, working in expensive studios for long periods with cost no issue, the band grabbed the opportunity to test the qualities of modern, DIY recording. Through file sharing and their own, democratic production processes, what emerged was, according to the band, an album where songwriting ideas shone through, free of the static of ego and excess. Bassist and vocalist, Tim Brown, says: “The freedom of sharing files, comments, praise and concerns made it possible to quickly make music where the beauty of the songs shine through. As with all Boo Radleys music, there were no limitations on structure, instruments, and sounds, but this time we all had freedom to express our thoughts about the music we were making.”