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Paul Draper

Cult Leader Tactics



Released: 28th Jan 2022

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limited indies only lp + 7" - 1 per customer

Released: 28th Jan 2022



Released: 28th Jan 2022


Cult Leader Tactics' offers a selection of Paul's most focused & ambitious work so far, a brilliantly dark commentary on an industry he is all too aware of.

Former Mansun frontman, Paul Draper, returns with a collection of his finest songwriting since the bands' imperial phase. 'Cult Leader Tactics' is a self-help manual on how to become a complete cult in the music industry & is his first solo album since 2017's much-lauded 'Spooky Action'. 'Cult Leader Tactics' offers a satirical analysis of the self-help manual genre. A guide on how you can get to the top of your chosen profession, or ahead in life & in affairs of the heart, by acting in a Machiavellian manner, employing dirty tricks or 'Cult Leader Tactics' to achieve your life goals. After experiencing these types of human behaviours & themes, the album arrives at the conclusion that the only true answer in life is love. Paul plays most of the instruments on the album, including lead vocals, guitar & various Moogs & synthesisers. An album produced with long-time collaborator & acclaimed producer Paul 'P-Dub' Walton (Massive Attack, The Cure, Bjork) at Loft Studios, it also includes guest appearances from Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson & Gam of the band 'Sweat' as well as featuring a 288-person C.L.T. Lockdown Choir.

Cult Leader Tactics

  1. Cult Leader Tactics
  2. Internationalle
  3. Dirty Trix
  4. Cult Leader Tactics In E-Flat Minor
  5. You've Got No Life Skills, Baby !
  6. U Killed My Fish
  7. Everyone Becomes A Problem Eventually
  8. Annie
  9. Talkin' Behind My Back
  10. Omega Man ( feat Steven Wilson )
  11. Lyin' Bout Who U Sleep With
  12. Omega Man ( feat Steven Wilson ) ( Extended Mix ) (exclusive to 7")
  13. Annie ( Acoustic Version ) (exclusive to 7")