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lesser man (extended version) (2022 repress)


limited "light rose" colour lp

Released: 7th Jan 2022


remastered and revived in physical form, this shiver-inducing record from the dark electronic duo infuses gritty dance beats with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable.

augustus muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, whilst jae matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. together, the music created is somewhere between industrial, drone and confessional storytelling.

lesser man (extended version) (2022 repress)


  1. Lust
  2. Modulations
  3. Pain
  4. Run
  5. Crimea
  6. Love
  7. Spell
  8. Pain (The Soft Moon remix) (bonus track)
  9. Pain (Radio Edit) (bonus track)