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Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam

Brownswood Recordings


Released: 7th Feb 2011



Released: 9th Jun 2014


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this record showcases ghostpoet’s loveable ramshackle but hook-laden productions, his lazy baritone & imaginative desolate take on the world. imagine the ultra-cool delivery styles of roots manuva, tricky & gil scott heron all rolled into one hypnotic whole & you’ll get a feel for the ghostpoet vibe. opener ‘one twos’ is a distorted & warped microphone check which slithers into ‘run run run’ which twists & turns, drawing you into the dark & brooding atmosphere that this record is drenched in. the diy nuances of tracks like ‘us against whatever ever’ aid the intimacy created here & minimal beats sinuously glide through ‘longing for the night’, right into more intimate affairs like ‘survive it’. up next is ghostpoet’s debut single ‘cash & carry me home’. an insistent synth line lodges itself in your brain, exemplifying his raw approach to beat-making, his love of melody & the charm of his rambled musings on modern life. the softly spoken 27 year-old delivers a fresh sounding debut that is as beautifully complex as it is subtle & it will command your attention again & again.

Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam