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Spells And Daubs

bureau b

dinked 159 - very limited white lp* w/ alternative cover art* + alternative inner sleeve design* + bonus 3-track white 12" ep* (400 only)* (* exclusive to dinked) - 1 per customer

Released: 28th Jan 2022



Released: 28th Jan 2022



Released: 28th Jan 2022


Economical & succinct arrangements of enticing melodic lines, minimal kraut grooves & spatial production.

These spells are not devastating curses, rather they are enchanting incantations! ‘Spells And Daubs’ is an absorbing set of ten colourful-blotches-thrown-onto-canvas by the Düsseldorf outfit. Then a stepping back, contemplating, remixing paint, layering, overlaying, adding textures & contours, scraping free again elsewhere. Their characteristic drive runs throughout. The drums are powerful with a light swing. The bass alternates beyond its functionality & its indicator just of the low frequency, swoops up & takes over the melodic lead. Aptly Alex Paulick moved to the fretless Bass – conjuring the spirit of Mick Karn. “The beat is musicalised, the melody rhythmitised”.

Spells And Daubs



  1. Tantrum
  2. Toys I Never Sell
  3. Dirty Laundry
  4. Revery
  5. Unframed Drawings
  6. Freundchen
  7. Arise Above
  8. Music Follows Suit
  9. Arena
  10. Greetings From Dave
  11. Howling at the Third Moon (exclusive to dinked bonus disc)
  12. Moon (exclusive to dinked bonus disc)
  13. Howling (exclusive to dinked bonus disc)

dinked 159


- White vinyl LP *

- Bonus 3 track white vinyl 12“ EP *

- Alternative sleeve artwork *

- Alternative inner sleeve design *

- Limited pressing of 400 *


* Exclusive to dinked edition