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Theatre Of Hate


cherry red

6cd boxset

Released: 28th Jan 2022



fEATURING 22 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED RECORDINGS ALSO INCLUDING KIRK BRANDON’S ‘STONE IN THE RAIN’, RELEASED OUTSIDE OF THE UK AS A THEATRE OF HATE ALBUM. COMPILED AND CURATED BY THEATRE OF HATE, AND FEATURING A BRAND NEW INTERVIEW WITH KIRK BRANDON SLEEVENOTES AND KIRK BRANDON INTERVIEW BY MOJO’S PAT GILBERT. Theatre of Hate burned briefly but brightly during the first couple of years of the 1980s, leaving behind the seminal ‘Westworld’ album, a handful of highly regarded Peel sessions and independent hit singles and a then-unreleased second album, ‘Aria Of The Devil’. ‘Omens’ brings together those classic recordings alongside main man Kirk Brandon’s ‘Stone In The Rain’ album (recorded by Brandon and fellow Theatre Of Hate man Stan Stammers and issued in the US as a Theatre Of Hate album), and ‘Yonjuuichi’, a band-curated collection of more recent sessions and versions, bringing the Theatre Of Hate story into the present day. Featuring a revealing and exclusive interview with Kirk Brandon, previously unreleased material and brand new remastering of familiar classics by the band’s personally selected mastering engineer, ‘Omens’ sheds new light on well-known material, re-introduces fans to the lesserknown ‘Aria Of The Devil’ and ‘Stone In The Rain’ albums and offers a taste of Theatre Of Hate’s adventures in the new Millennium. Beautifully packaged and thoughtfully curated, ‘Omens’ is a must-have for any fan of Theatre Of Hate and a perfect introduction for anybody who has been meaning to explore the band’s work for the past 40 years.



THE SINGLES 1 Original Sin 2 Legion 3 Rebel Without A Brain 4 My Own Invention 5 Nero 6 Incinerator 7 Do You Believe In The Westworld? (7” Mix) 8 Propaganda 9 The Hop 10 Conquistador 11 Eastworld 12 Assegai 13 Poppies 14 Slave 15 Day Of The Dog 16 The Swarm 17 Given 18 Girl 19 Do You Believe In The Westworld? (Studio54 Mix)* (*previously unreleased)

WESTWORLD AND BEYOND 1 Do You Believe In The Westworld? 2 Judgement Hymn 3 63 4 Love Is A Ghost 5. The Wake 6 Conquistador 7 The New Trail Of Tears 8 Freaks 9 Anniversary 10 The Klan 11 Do You Believe In The Westworld? (Dub) 12 Propaganda (Ministry of Broadcast Dub) 13 Original Sin (Re-Recording) 14 Judgement Hymn (Alt Mix) 15 The Klan (Alt Mix) 16 Conquistador (Alt Mix) 17 The Wake (Alt Mix) 18 Original Sin (Alt Mix)

ARIA OF THE DEVIL 1 Overture 2 Aria Of The Devil 3 Dreams Of The Poppy 4 Omen Of The Times 5 The Incinerator 6 Nero 7 Americanos 8 Eastworld 9 The Black Madonna 10 Solution Bonus tracks 11 Grapes (Instrumental)* 12 Omen (Instrumental)* 13 Solution (Instrumental)* 14 Murder (Instrumental)* 15 Americanos (Instrumental)* 16 Grapes Of Wrath 17 Murder Of Love 18 Flying Scotsman 19 The Man Who Tunes The Drums (*previously unreleased)

AT THE BBC 1 Rebel Without A Brain (Peel, 1980) 2 It's My Own Invention (Peel, 1980) 3 63 (Peel, 1980) 4 The Wake (Peel, 1980) 5 Conquistador (Peel, 1981) 6 Propaganda (Peel, 1981) 7 Love Is A Ghost (Peel, 1981) 8 Do You Believe In The Westworld (Peel, 1981) 9 Legion (Jensen, 1982) 10 Americanos (Jensen, 1982) 11 Anniversary (Jensen, 1982) 12 The Solution (Jensen, 1982) 13 The Klan (Peel, 1982) 14 Dreams Of The Poppy (Peel, 1982) 15 Incinerator (Peel, 1982) 16 The Hop (Peel, 1982) 17 Do You Believe in The Westworld (TOTP)

STONE IN THE RAIN 1 Stone In The Rain 2 Communication Ends 3 How Long 4 Satellite 5 Children Of the Damned 6 Europa 7 Psycho-Woman 8 Revolver 9 Propaganda 10 Heroes 11 Future World 12 Spirit Tribe Bonus tracks 13 Elephant Days (Demo)* 14 Pray For Me (Demo)* 15 Betrayed (Demo)* 16 Shape Of Things To Come (Demo)* 17 At Her Majesty’s Request (Demo)* 18 10:51 (Instrumental)* (*previously unreleased)

YONJUUICHI (21st CENTURY REMIXES AND RARITIES) 1 Incinerator (C19 Remix)* 2 Black Irony (Dr Mix)* 3 Triumph (Philly Mix) 4 Freaks (2019 Dub Mix)* 5 Do You Believe In The Westworld? (PTP LA Session)* 6 A Thing Of Beauty* 7 Original Sin (PTP LA Session)* 8 Given 9 The Wake (Alt Mix) 10 You Can’t Stop What’s Coming 11 Mr Mendacity (Philly Mix) 12 Facade (PTP LA Session)* 13 Maintenance Man (Dr Mix)* 14 For Whom The Bells Toll 15 Ukraine Girl (PTP LA Session)* 16 The Klan (2018 Alt Mix) 17 Conquistador (2019 Version)* 18 Girl (Alt Mix) (*previously unreleased)