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The Fernweh


Winterlude Records

*limited signed* lp - 1 per customer (pre-order)

Expected Release: 27th May 2022


*limited signed* cd - 1 per customer (pre-order)

Expected Release: 27th May 2022


For our second album Torschlusspanik! (German for fear of being left outside the gates) we wanted to address some of the conflict and turmoil both around the world and also internally and emotionally.

The band is the same, but we aimed for a leaner, more direct approach to song writing. Rather than painting impressions or abstractions we wanted to quickly get to the heart of our message and songs in bold, primary colours. Many of the songs tell stories or follow characters who represent or personify some of the themes we are trying to address. There is humour and there is sadness within these stories. It is an album that expresses frustration and confusion with the state of things but that very much affirms its belief in the rich and complicated experience of humanity.



  1. The Wounds Of Love
  2. Happy As Larry
  3. Pas Devant Les Enfants
  4. End Of The Summertime
  5. Every Cross To Bear
  6. I Want To See Your Name In Lights
  7. Sad Face
  8. The Pike
  9. Now You Know
  10. Everybody Says They Love You
  11. What's Jesus For?
  12. Let's Go Out