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Released: 3rd Dec 2021


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A less metallic and more psychological nuclear fusion than Filth, but no less apocalyptic and terrifying.

The likes of "Half Life", "Job" and "Why Hide" are howling growls of purifying, ecstatic, cleansing hatred that echoes from the deepest pits of torment. As Michael Gira crawls over the broken shards of his feelings of worthlessness in "Clay Man", "Your Property" and "Cop", around him the world is torn to pieces and hangs suspended in a disarray of fiery debris. Gira shields himself with his hate and walks through fire unscathed.



  1. Half Life
  2. Job
  3. Why Hide
  4. Clay Man
  5. Your Property
  6. Cop
  7. Butcher
  8. Thug