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glow (2022 reissue)

limited transparent blue lp - £23.99 | Buy
place your HandS once more on reef's iconic second album, which catapulted them to the highest echelons of indie rock that they enjoy to this day.


lp + download - £9.99 | Buy
back with good-time riffs and gary stringer’s impossibly huge pipes, the britrockers emerge older, wiser, with a set of confident new songs to boot.
shoot me your ace
  1. Shoot Me Your Ace
  2. When Can I See You Again
  3. Refugee
  4. Best of Me
  5. Wolfman
  6. Hold back the Morning
  7. Right On
  8. Everything Far Away
  9. I See Your Face
  10. Strangelove


shoot me your ace

raging sea reocrds
  • lp

    Released: 29th Apr 2022


a thrilling blast of unadulterated rock’n’roll joy that doesn’t just match their classic albums, but exceeds them.

Produced by former Duran Duran/ Power Station guitarist Andy Taylor, Shoot Me Your Ace, showcases the bands talents in one of the most thrilling rock albums of recent years.